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MOV. and WMV. files

Last post 12-09-2008, 12:37 PM by fdchilds16. 2 replies.
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  •  08-01-2008, 5:10 PM 1082

    MOV. and WMV. files

    I'm new to DVD Maker so don't know the ropes as yet, but I'm trying to put some videos onto DVD, and they're either in mov. or wmv. format, but everytime I try, I'm told they "could not be decoded correctly?" It tells me to make sure I have a decoder, but I don't know what programs are meant to decode videos, etc....! Can anyone help? (If I don't have a decoding program, does anyone have any suggestions?)

  •  08-31-2008, 5:02 AM 1114 in reply to 1082

    Re: MOV. and WMV. files

    I had the same problem with video clips from my camera. They are saved in .mov format.
    I had a play with quicktime and decided to pay £20 for the pro version. After a bit of fidling i found if i save the mov in AV format i can easily import the video into WDM with no problems.
    You need to change the compressions setting to be able to import it though.
    I used DV - PAL and it works fine.

  •  12-09-2008, 12:37 PM 1267 in reply to 1082

    Re: MOV. and WMV. files

    What you need to do is open the video file in Windows Movie Maker first, and then drag the movie down to the story board.  Save the project.  Then open Windows DVD Maker and instead of importing the video file, import the Windows Movie Maker project, and it should burn just fine. :-D

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