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DVD Maker Stops During Encoding

Last post 08-06-2007, 8:03 PM by Colt. 2 replies.
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  •  08-05-2007, 9:03 PM 371

    DVD Maker Stops During Encoding

    Hey guys, Windows DVD Maker just stops at about 20-30% (depending on the project). I'm using Movie Maker project files for the content. Once it stops CPU usage goes to 0% and I can cancel and it will give me the "Are you sure?" box and put me back at the DVD menu creation scene.

    So yeah, I've wasted 3 days trying to fix this installing and un-installing every codec pack I can think of (and trust). Is there any way I can simply restore everything to how it was? I've no idea whether this IS a codec issue but it seems to be the cause of every problem to do with DVD Maker/Movie Maker so why not huh.

    Also if I publish the projects to my PC as DVD Quality (no point using higher if its going to DVD right?) and use them as a DVD project DVD Maker will crash at the DVD Menu screen.

    I've had all this crap working before so it's annoying it suddenly doesn't work, especially considering I'm 99% sure I didn't change anything for it not to work.

    Current Specs: AMD 64 Bit Athlon 3200+ - 2GB Team Xtreem DDR 400 Ram - Leadtek Geforce 7800GT - DFI Lanparty UF nF4 Ultra-D - 200GB Western Digital 7,200rpm 8MB Cache - 40GB Maxtor HDD - 52x32x52 LiteOn CDRW - Nec ND3500 - Antec Phantom 500W



  •  08-06-2007, 4:46 PM 373 in reply to 371

    Re: DVD Maker Stops During Encoding

    I haven't had problems during encoding, but for some reason mine stopped working in an earlier phase - when I try to go to the 2nd phase where I can choose the menu's & stuff. But then I clicked it like a madman for a while and it started working again. This program is damn strange and frustrating.
  •  08-06-2007, 8:03 PM 374 in reply to 373

    Re: DVD Maker Stops During Encoding

    Yeah I'm switching to something else. I've just had endless problems with this peice of junk and it's become too much to bear. I realise that's not a great technical post but if you'd been through as much *** as I have to get it to work you'd be just as frustrated.

    What's even more frustrating is that I KNOW IT CAN WORK! I've had a few DVD's that worked flawlessly, then one day BAM nothing works anymore. I just FINALLY made a DVD by encoding it in Movie Maker and using the DV-AVI files in DVD Maker and then when I watch the DVD it looks like the preview screen in movie maker (complete with colour distortion, jerky transitions and jerky FPS). What a waste of my time and 4 DVDs so far.

    I've tried different codec packs making sure as best I can they are fully uninstalled each time. I can't re-install the 2 programs as they are integrated into windows and I can't really seem to do ANYTHING to trouble shoot.

    Everytime I see one of those Vista Movie Maker adds on TV (Australia here) it makes me god damn cringe.
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