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Audio and Video are out of sync

Last post 10-17-2007, 2:13 PM by Montey. 3 replies.
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  •  09-01-2007, 11:12 PM 404

    Audio and Video are out of sync

    I imported DV video into my HP computer (Vista Home Premium) and tried to burn a DVD movie using Windows DVD Maker.  Everything appeared to work just fine until I played the DVD on a DVD player.  On several DVD players, actually.  Audio and video become more and more out of sync as I play the recorded video.  The original AVI file plays on the computer just fine, but the DVDs I created have this out-of-sync problem no matter where I play them.  It's almost like the video and the audio are being played at two different speeds.  I searched for help on Microsoft KB but couldn't find anything useful.  I then found this forum and downloaded the Vista Codecs package.  Unfortunately, it didn't make any difference.  I've also tried using Roxio's MyDVD Basic v9 and had the same result.  All in all, I spent the whole day trying to figure out why the audio becomes out of sync with the video and ended up wasting 5 DVD-R discs.  Has anyone using Windows DVD Maker experienced this problem?  Is this an encoding problem or a decoding problem?
  •  09-30-2007, 5:49 PM 455 in reply to 404

    Re: Audio and Video are out of sync

    Yeah, this is happening to me too.  I had an a four-year old system that I upgraded to Vista back in February, and this happened to any DVD I tried to create using Windows DVD Maker.  About a month ago, I purchased a brand new, high-end system with Vista, and attempted to make the same DVD, with the same result.

    Basically, I connect my camcorder via Firewire to my system, and whether I choose to have it automatically import the whole tape and burn it to a DVD, or if I open Windows DVD Maker and attempt to burn the imported movie to DVD manually, the same thing happens - the audio is slightly out of sync with the video.

    So that's two entirely different systems, different hardware, same exact issue.  I can't imagine that we're the only two people on earth who are experiencing this issue.  I'll post back to this thread if I discover anything new about it.

  •  10-04-2007, 12:38 PM 483 in reply to 455

    Re: Audio and Video are out of sync

    if you have the xvid codec from your start menu go to all programs

    select the xvid file


    make sure that the box beside COMPATIBILITY RENDERER is checked

    hope this helps

    if not try uninstalling Nero or ROxio and then try

  •  10-17-2007, 2:13 PM 523 in reply to 455

    Re: Audio and Video are out of sync

    You're not the only two having this issue. I have the exact same problem and I'm running on a brand-new system. I tried the configure decoder suggestion. It was already checked. Roxio and Nero are uninstalled. I tried downloading a copy of Adobe Encore DvD maker. Guess what? It creates absolutely perfectly synced audio out of the very same mpegs that Windows DvD maker botches the audio.

    So now I have a choice. I can purchase Encore and have perfect video output (with rather boring-looking menus) or I use Windows DvD Maker, and have really sexy automatically-made menus but with video playback that that plays the audio from .5 to 1 second after it should. Also, Encore is burning movies in about twenty minutes where Windows took two full hours to burn the same files. This leads me to believe that Windows DvD maker is re-encoding video even if its already formatted to DvD specifications (and in the process the re-encode is botching the audio).

    In short, other DvD burning software is working perfectly on the same system with the same settings. I can only conclude that the problem is Windows DvD maker itself and use different software.

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