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Creating Chapters

Last post 02-10-2008, 10:21 PM by Laird_Williams. 3 replies.
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  •  01-16-2008, 10:10 PM 687

    Creating Chapters

    In Windows Movie Maker I'm able to make chapter breaks where I want them, but when I burn the movie to a DVD using Windows DVD Maker it ignores my chapter breaks and inserts its own -- in an almost random fashion.  Is there any way to override the chapter creation in DVD Maker so that it recognizes the breaks put in by Movie Maker?
  •  01-19-2008, 5:05 AM 697 in reply to 687

    Re: Creating Chapters

    I don't think we get to choose our own chapters.  This is what the MS web site says about it:

    "Windows DVD Maker automatically creates intelligent chapter points by analyzing the photos and videos and creating compelling motion video thumbnails. Using your remote control, you can easily navigate between chapters when viewing the DVD."

    "Scenes are created for your DVD based on the type and number of files that you add to the DVD. You can have more control over how scenes appear on your DVD by understanding how scenes are created in Windows DVD Maker. A DVD can have up to 18 total scenes.


    If you add more than one video file, Windows Movie Maker project file, or a combination of video files, pictures, and Windows Movie Maker project files, then one scene is created for each one of the following things:


    • Windows Movie Maker project file. 

    • Video file. 

    • Slide show (which is a group of pictures).


    If you add only one file to the DVD (for example one video file, one Windows Movie Maker project, or one slide show), then:


    • Multiple scenes are created for the added Windows Movie Maker project file by dividing the project into equal lengths and creating a scene for each part.

     • Multiple scenes are created based on time stamps so that video recorded around the same time is kept together (if the video file has time stamps in it).

        Time stamps are added by the DV camera when video is recorded. As a result, the time stamp information appears in the imported video file as well.

     • Multiple scenes are created for the added video file by dividing the video into equal lengths and creating a scene for each video segment (if there is no time stamp information in the video file).

     • Multiple scenes are created for the slide show by dividing the slide show into equal lengths and creating a scene for each part."

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  •  01-21-2008, 8:37 PM 714 in reply to 697

    Re: Creating Chapters

    The Best way to do Chapter breaks. Since you are working in Movie Maker anyway, (and as I understand it, you are splitting videos where you want the chapters) simply save each chapter as its OWN .MSWMM file (movie project) load them into DVD maker in proper order and each project will be its own 'chapter' under the 'scenes' menu.

    From my knowledge, I do this when burning TV series, DVD maker still split each 'scene' into more chapters, the 'scenes' menu will show the splits you made with the individual .MSWMM files.
  •  02-10-2008, 10:21 PM 767 in reply to 697

    Re: Creating Chapters

    Yep - and it is ironic and it would be hilarious if it were not SO sad...

    The MOST obvious way to "intelligently" create chapter marks for a MovieMaker show is to put a chapter mark at the beginning of each clip in the filmstrip. And they can't even manage THAT!

    "Windows DVD Maker automatically creates intelligent chapter points"

    This must be some new meaning of the word "intelligent" with which I was not previously acquainted. Let's take the most intuitively-obvious approach and not use it...sheesh!

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